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White House adopts confident tone after Pelosi signals go on impeachment

White House adopts confident tone after Pelosi signals go on impeachment

by MORGAN CHALFANT AND BRETT SAMUELS -The Hill  |  Published on December 6, 2019

The White House on Thursday appeared self-assured after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made clear a vote to impeach President Trump was all but inevitable in the House, with administration officials signaling they relish the looming fight in a Senate trial.

The president and his allies have spent weeks hammering the same narrative about the House impeachment inquiry, dismissing it as a partisan “sham” that failed to produce evidence of wrongdoing.

The White House has refused to turn over documents, blocked witnesses and declined offers to participate. House Democrats have threatened to draft articles of impeachment accusing Trump of obstruction for defying congressional subpoenas.

Those close to the White House say its refusal to participate has worked to Trump’s advantage, pointing to teetering support for impeachment among independents as proof. And they argue that participating in the Judiciary Committee hearings would lend legitimacy to what the White House has derided as a partisan and “illegitimate” process.

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