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Trump tells Salena Zito Biden’s campaign is a ‘fraud’

Trump tells Salena Zito Biden’s campaign is a ‘fraud’

by Salena Zito, Washington Examiner  |  Published on September 4, 2020

LATROBE, Pennsylvania — President Trump brought a barn burner of a campaign stop to Hangar 1 at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport Thursday evening as he was welcomed by several thousand Western Pennsylvania supporters for the traditional Labor Day weekend kickoff of campaign season, many of whom had to listen to the event outside of the hangar.

“We had thousands of people here, but we had thousands of people along the runway that couldn’t get in,” the president said of those unable to get inside to see him in an interview with the Washington Examiner following the speech. “It’s ridiculous. It’s too bad, because yeah, I hate to see that. They come, and they wait.”

Hours before his arrival, supporters lined U.S. 30 for miles for a chance to secure a spot in the hanger; the campaign gave attendees masks if they did not have one, took their temperatures when they checked in upon entering, and provided hand sanitizer. The speech itself had a pre-COVID like feel, with Trump feeding off the animated crowd for 90 minutes as he assailed Joe Biden, mail-in voting, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon visit among other favorite targets.

During the Democratic National Convention, the president held campaign events in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Arizona. Since his convention speech last Thursday, he has traveled to a campaign event in New Hampshire and made a personal appearance in a key battleground state on V-J Day to declare the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina, a World War II “Heritage City.”

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