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Trump gains in Florida polls despite Democrats lead in early voting

Trump gains in Florida polls despite Democrats lead in early voting

by Caitlin McFall | Fox News  |  Published on October 28, 2020

President Trump is leading for the first time in Florida polling, according to Real Clear Politics on Tuesday, even as Democrats lead in early voting.

According to the website’s average of polls, the president holds a slim 0.4 percent lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden heading into next week’s election.

Nearly 2.7 million Democrats have already voted in the Sunshine State, just narrowly beating the nearly 2.4 million early voting Republicans.

Almost 1.3 million Floridians have submitted their vote without an affiliated party.

Florida has historically been a highly contested swing state with 29 Electoral College votes up for grabs. Only twice has a Democratic candidate won the presidency without winning Florida since 1860: John Kennedy in 1960 and Bill Clinton in 1992

Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 1.2 percent points according to the New York Times.

With just one week until the general election, Florida is still expected to have a significant increase in the number of votes submitted as less than 46 percent of the population have cast their vote, according to poll tracking by the U.S. Election Project.

Although Hillary Clinton lost Florida to Trump in the end, she maintained a lead in the polls by 2.3 percent one week out from the election in 2016.

Clinton and Trump went back and forth in the polls during the previous six months, but Biden has held a consistent lead of at least one point until Tuesday.

Democrats have led in early voting across the country during the 2020 presidential race. But Florida’s largest voter base are the elderly, who tend to vote early and “red” in major elections, meaning the younger vote, who tend to vote “blue,” could have an effect on Election Day.

Both the Biden and Trump campaigns have hit the Sunshine State hard in recent weeks.

Former President Barack Obama was in Miami on Saturday and Orlando on Tuesday, just days after Trump made his third Florida appearance within a two-week time frame.

“Don’t wait. Put it in the mail or drop it off at a dropbox location today,” Obama said Tuesday, “Don’t take any chances. Just get it done.”

Ivanka Trump also made an appearance in Florida on Tuesday and visited Sarasota and Miami, where she made her own pleas for voters to get their ballots in.

“Florida, get out and vote, tell them they’ve got to vote, and tell them I love them,” she said.

Trump family members are expected to be campaigning up and down the battleground state in the last days remaining before Nov. 3.

Biden will also visit Florida on Thursday.

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