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Trump faces more lawsuits from states than Obama administration did in eight years

Trump faces more lawsuits from states than Obama administration did in eight years

by Tim Pearce | Washington Examiner  |  Published on February 13, 2020

State attorneys general are moving at a rapid pace in their legal fight to slow or block President Trump’s agenda.

States have banded together and filed more joint lawsuits against the Trump administration in three years than against any other administration in decades, according to a new study that looked back as far as 1980. Marquette University assistant professor Paul Nolette found that state attorneys general had filed 103 multistate lawsuits against the federal government since Trump’s first day in office through Feb. 1.

The amount of multistate lawsuits against Trump in his first term is over four times higher than what President Barack Obama faced in his first term. Over the course of two terms, Obama faced the second-most multistate lawsuits at 78. Former President George W. Bush faced 76.

Coalitions of Democratic attorneys general have filed the vast majority of lawsuits against the Trump administration. Democratic coalitions are responsible for 96 of the 103 lawsuits. Republican coalitions have filed six. One lawsuit came from a bipartisan coalition.

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