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Trump campaign follows him into the field, while Biden bets on the basement

Trump campaign follows him into the field, while Biden bets on the basement

by David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner  |  Published on August 14, 2020

President Trump’s campaign has redeployed to the field to woo voters in person despite a summer coronavirus surge as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s team wagers that people scarred by the pandemic prefer virtual engagement.

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Iowa, a swing state where Trump and Biden are running even. On Sunday, senior Trump campaign official Mercedes Schlapp is to headline a Women for Trump bus tour event in Wisconsin, another battleground where the president trails. Those stops account for just two of the more than half-dozen, in-person visits to key states organized by the Trump campaign this past week.

This direct contact with voters, an approach that has included a return to in-person door-knocking and peer-to-peer advocacy by Republican field operatives, stands in sharp contrast to the Biden campaign’s strategy. Even with the addition of running mate Kamala Harris, a California senator, the former vice president is sticking with the robust, virtual voter turnout operation he adopted in March when the coronavirus halted traditional, in-person campaigning.

“The Trump-Pence ticket is leading by example, showing Americans that they can safely and securely reopen,” Trump campaign spokesman Ken Farnaso said. “Biden and Harris continue to fear-monger from behind closed doors. It’s not controversial to say the American voters deserve to connect with both campaigns as they try to win their support.”

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