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Trump-aligned group spending $1M on anti-impeachment ads in key states

Trump-aligned group spending $1M on anti-impeachment ads in key states

by Katherine Doyle | Washignton Examiner  |  Published on January 22, 2020

The nonprofit affiliate of pro-Trump super PAC America First announced a $1 million anti-impeachment ad spenditure in three key states on Tuesday, a move designed to pressure vulnerable Democrats up for reelection in states Trump won in 2016.

Pro-Trump messaging from America First Policies will target Alabama and Michigan, where Sens. Doug Jones and Gary Peters face new GOP challengers, respectively, and Pennsylvania, a swing state that went red for President Trump in the last presidential election. Split across digital and television commercials, the ads will begin Wednesday in Alabama, targeting viewers in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery.

In 2017, Jones became the first Democrat to win an Alabama senate seat since 1997. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is mulling a challenge to Jones, though reports say Trump is unlikely to support it.

Trump’s displeasure at Sessions’s recusal from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation was still evident late last year. Trump referred to his former attorney general as a “total disaster” and “an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama” in an interview last year.

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