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National Weather Service warns Floridians about falling iguanas

National Weather Service warns Floridians about falling iguanas

by Zachary Halaschak | Washington Examiner  |  Published on January 22, 2020

The National Weather Service warned Florida residents to be alert for falling iguanas as temperatures plunge in the South.

“This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr!” the National Weather Service in Miami said Tuesday.

Iguanas, which are an invasive species in South Florida, sometimes sleep in trees, and when temperatures drop into the 40s, their bodies go dormant, which can result in the falling reptiles. The iguanas can grow up to five feet in length and pose a hazard to those walking under trees in the cool weather.

The weather doesn’t immediately kill the iguanas, but if the temperature stays in the 40s for more than eight hours, they will start to die. Ron Magill with Zoo Miami told CNN that the size of iguanas is a factor if it begins to get too cold.

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