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Nancy Pelosi rejects bipartisan border bill

Nancy Pelosi rejects bipartisan border bill

by Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times  |  Published on June 27, 2019

House Democrats cannot accept the bipartisan border crisis compromise bill the Senate passed Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, and will demand changes to limit how long children can be held in some facilities.

Mrs. Pelosi also said Democrats will insist on more money to pay the communities that illegal immigrant families are being dumped into, and will demand a new method of processing migrants when they arrive at the border “which is culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate.”

“For the children, we must do the best we can,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

Her comments came in a statement late Wednesday, as she huddled with her lieutenants to try to figure out how to respond after the Senate, in a bipartisan vote, rejected her partisan bill and instead passed its own bill.

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