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Miss. Gov. calls for $3M to protect children from ‘far-left socialist teachings’

Miss. Gov. calls for $3M to protect children from ‘far-left socialist teachings’

by Governor Tate Reeves  |  Published on November 18, 2020

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is calling for a shift in the way American history is taught in Mississippi.

Featured in Reeves’ 2022 fiscal year budget proposal is the “Patriotic Education Fund.”

“Across the country, young children have suffered from indoctrination in far-left socialist teachings that emphasize America’s shortcomings over the exceptional achievements of this country,” the proposed fund states.

The governor claims “revisionist history” is working to tear down America and is “poisoning a generation.”

He claims democracy, capitalism and other American values are “the victims of a targeted campaign from foreign and domestic influence.”

“No other nation has done more for its citizens or to advance freedom and prosperity across the globe,” the proposal reads.

The act calls for $3 million to invest in a “Patriotic Education Fund.”

The money would be used for teaching “that educates the next generation in the incredible accomplishments of the American Way.”

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