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Kamala Harris has gone 33 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

Kamala Harris has gone 33 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

by Fox News  |  Published on April 26, 2021

Criticism of Kamala Harris over her absence from the U.S.-Mexico border region continued Sunday – with a new chapter added to the story.

Political insiders say there is good reason that Harris is working to avoid the political minefield. They see her as having her sights on the presidency and if she runs into trouble trying to resolve the complex crisis with many layers, it could prove politically damaging.

An interview with Harris on her home turf—CNN—aired Sunday and she indicated that the solution will not come in one fell swoop.

“The kind of work that has to happen is the diplomatic work that we have been engaged in, including my calls to the president of Mexico, the president of Guatemala,” Harris said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “But it’s not going to be solved overnight. It’s a complex issue. Listen, if this were easy, it would have been handled years ago.”

Republicans have criticized Harris for not taking a trip to the border or holding a press conference in the month since President Biden dubbed her the point person for the U.S. response to a record surge in migrants.

The White House has emphasized Harris’ role is to address root causes of migration, and she is instead taking trips to Latin American countries to meet with leaders.

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