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George Soros spokeswoman: Conspiracy theories about funding protesters are ‘insulting’ and a distraction

George Soros spokeswoman: Conspiracy theories about funding protesters are ‘insulting’ and a distraction

by Madison Dibble, Washington Examiner  |  Published on June 22, 2020

A spokeswoman for George Soros said people claiming the billionaire liberal donor has funded recent protests throughout the United States are trying to distract from the real issues that inspired the demonstrations.

Laura Silber, the chief communications officer for Soros’s philanthropic Open Society Foundations, told the Associated Press Soros is not responsible for funding any protests or providing mass transportation to facilitate protests, as some conspiracy theorists have claimed. Silber said such accusations are an attempt to discredit the motivations of those who chose to protest after George Floyd’s death.

“I think partly it’s an attempt to distract from the real matters at hand — the pandemic, the protests or the Black Lives Matter movement,” Silber said. “It’s pretty demeaning to the people out there protesting when someone says they’re all paid. It’s insulting.”

Soros has been accused of paying protesters, transporting protesters, and stashing piles of bricks or other projectiles throughout cities to be used in the riots that have precipitated out of the protests. Often those pushing the claims and anti-Semitic attacks cite how the 89-year-old Jewish investor has financial ties to many liberal causes and Democratic politicians.

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