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Biden starts 2020 as the biggest threat to Trump

Biden starts 2020 as the biggest threat to Trump

by Katherine Doyle | Washington Examiner  |  Published on January 6, 2020

President Trump says he doesn’t fear Joe Biden in a general election, but the former vice president is Trump’s most serious opponent in key battleground states.

“We need help to beat Sleepy Joe Biden? I don’t think so,” Trump said in November in Bossier City, Louisiana, where he was stumping for the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Electability is a critical factor among Democratic primary voters, many of whom want nothing more than simply to oust Trump. And even though Biden is not as far Left as much of the Democratic base, Biden’s ability to beat the president remains a strong selling point for him.

“Biden’s biggest advantage may be that more Democratic voters see him as electable as say that about any of the other frontrunners,” the polling website YouGov wrote last month. “A majority (57%) of Democratic voters believe Biden can win the 2020 general election against President Trump, and just 19 percent believe he will lose.”

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